Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yes, you too can WIN lots of cool gifts in our lucky draw contest this coming 13 & 14 June 2009 at Youthopia - The Marketplace @ Lot 10 event! And we have more than 100++ of gifts to give away!

And watch out for Top 3 WINNERS too!

Its very easy though! We will tell you how soon! :-)

In the meantime, we'll mention some of 'em....CLEO..., Stage..., Avene..., handmade accessories..., etc

Let's leave you imagining for more :-)

So, dont miss out this event!

p/s: We will be donating the proceeds to the Pulau Ketam's Dog Rescue Effort. So do your bit and help the poor strays ya!

Youthopian Team


Hi Folks!

Thanks so much for the response. It was overwhelming!

Just to update you that our registration for June event is now closed.

We will be back soon with July's event. For those who cant make it for June's event - join us in July.

Watch out for the next announcement.


Youthopian Team

Sunday, May 24, 2009



Yups! We will be operating both indoor & outdoor now!

Why outdoor?..Fret not folks! The management thought it is more 'inviting' to have some traders out there to create visibility (good to boost sales too!)! Just like the ones above (see pics), only ours is better!

Now..now..dont frown just yet :-) It will not be under a SUPER HOT scorching, blazing sun at some open car park area or building, it will be at the walkway just outside the mall so you can still hop into the mall whenever you feel like to :-) You will be fully shaded and covered!

So see you folks soon! And dont miss the launch day 13 June 2009 - where freebies, lucky draw + performances awaits you!

p/s: In our effort to contribute to the society - portion of sales from lucky draw tokens will be DONATED to Furry Friends Farm "Save The Strays @ Pulau Ketam Campaign" (http://furryfriendsfarm2006.blogspot.com/). So please do your bit to help those who are unable to speak or fend themselves! Get your token from the registration counter ya!

Youthopian Team

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Cute Collectibles

Nicay's Collection cool silver pendant

Aint this bag charms cute?

The many cutie stuff under Nicay's!

The Chocolate Buttons pretty earrings

Mandy & friend from The Chocolate Buttons

Cute coin pouches from The Chocolate Buttons

Personally Yours (Adrina's) mix & match charms are cool too!

Remember this balloon? Those in 80s would know hehehe...

Like coca cola?? Check out these collectibles!

Harmless Pop Pop!! We used to play this to scare one another!

Care for some farting session? hehehe...

The stall that is responsible for selling all those childhood stuff we ever got our hands on!

Hey folks!

Here are some pics from our event at Tropicana City Mall :-)

Check out traders stuffs - they're really cool!!

See y'all soon at Lot 10!

Youthopian Team

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Remember when we shared with you not too long ago that we welcome team effort, collaboration? If its with the right party, persons, team - that shared the same vision and objective as we do, why not? The sea is too wide for all of us to fish alone - we might as well come together on a big boat and fish together!...And if you have already recently received email invitation from Ablinc, The Chic Bootique..they're just part of the entourage. But anywho, if you are EVER in doubt of who else is collaborating with us - write to us! We'll clear the confusion for you :-)
So folks, whether the invitation is from Group X or Y, ultimately we will still meet at the same location. Same terms & conditions apply.

But if you have any doubt or queries that is not answerable by the said parties - do send us an email.

Youthopian Team



What are you guys waiting for?

The clock is ticking and time will run out soon!

Yes, we're closing registration & payment for taking part in the YOUTHOPIA - The Marketplace @ LOT 10 (13 & 14 June 2009) on 25th May 2009. And its like one week + away only!

For those who have already signed up - hurry with the payment! Receipt of payment is a confirmation of your participation.

So if you have not decided yet - due to the many choices of events to choose from, sorry...you have just gotta decide ;-)

We will be putting up visuals of our venue @ Lot 10 soon, stay tuned!

In the mean time, hurry!!

Youthopian Team

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We have something to share with you folks :-)

Perhaps you have received an email invitation or announcement from different parties with regards to our bazaar. They are called the 'co-organizer'. We may have one or two recently. But if you are in doubt - please DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US at youthopian@gmail.com for any infromation or clarification that you need.

We welcome ALL your inquiries in order to avoid any unforseen miscommunication that may arise. When its YOUTHOPIA that we organize, we have a major role here. So far, we have worked with a few co-organizers (you know who you are) and we're blessed that so far, we have good relationship and business ethics with one another. When we welcome the new ones - its always with a benefit of the doubt.

Not too long ago, we DID mention that we welcome collaboration with anyone who wants to learn the trade of the business or simply wanting to expand their horizons. We still do. We believe that the sea is so wide for everyone to explore. We are never selfish with knowledge, and those who knew us - we have shared many feedback + advise on what to do when they first started :-)

Truth is, we cant always read people's real objective or motives. In view if that, we always think that people deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt. While we would like to believe that they are honest and all - who knows. There are people who makes mistakes and never learn from it. They are people who takes others for granted. They are people who dont appreciate every opportunity for them to do good. There are indeed - many many types of people. Can we easily tell them apart from the many people that we meet everyday?

We could listen to others and follow the herd. Or stay on the fence and observe, and then judge. Hence we chose the latter. Are we nuts? Maybe...HAHAHA...

We are simple people really. Those who knows us well, knew how easily we chatted with everyone. We believe in karma of anything bad that you do unto others - it will go back to you. We may be angry and pissed when people took us for granted - and yes,we talked about it. But really, we still believe the power of higher 'up' there to guide us and make it easy for us in our journey everyday. The powerful source up there will decide our path and those we are in contact with everyday.

We do fear of the unknown, the many what-ifs in our mind, to trust or not to trust...but in the end, business is like that. We learn from it all, good and bad. Some may like us, some may not. Some may think we are great, some may think we suck. At the end of the day - we're human. Its human nature to compare, to criticise, to condemn, to praise, to admire, to inspire, etc. Its easier to judge when one dont know the truth :-)

One thing for sure, we never give up to find that UTOPIA - the ultimate place to be. Hence the name YOUTHOPIA. Its part of our mission to find that perfect place where all of us could settle.

So here we are - sharing with you our philosophy:

We believe that team work is necessary to make things work.
We believe that people can improve if they want.
We believe that nobody is perfect and flaws is part of human.
We believe that things happened for a reason.
We believe that experience is a great teacher.
We believe that in business you will always make losses before you make REAL profit.
We believe that honesty is the best policy - even if it makes you less popular.
We believe that while you make many friends along the way, you have hidden enemies as well
We believe that animals are much more genuine than human themselves (okay, this one pops up because we love animals A LOT okay..)

And why are we sharing you these?
Simply because we value each and every one of you. All of you are unique in your own ways.
But one thing for sure, you are reading this because we want you to know, "when the mind and heart is pure, even if others try to break you - you will stood there like a rock. Because you believe in yourself and what you can do. Never give up, until the very last breath...life is all about the above philosophy, even if others laugh at you - not to worry. Because someday that laughter will pass on like bunch of whispers..."
Hehehe....we're so Shakespearean now...
Youthopian Team

Monday, May 11, 2009


(Above & Bottom) The Sun, 11 May 2009

(Above & Bottom) The Star (2008 & 2009)

We're in the papers!
Hey peeps!
Just wanna show you some visuals of articles from the newspapers that highlighted some of our bazaars.
For more infos, you may refer to the links (left panel - Press Citings).
Hope to see you soon at Lot 10!
Youthopian Team


Ok ok...truly sorry for yet another change of date. You must thought we're koo-koos hahahah! Apologise for the confusion! Not easy to select and put up the dates - to ensure that they are good for everybody's schedule! :-) This time NO MORE changes folks.

Final dates are 13th & 14th June 2009. We have good stuff lined up for you on launch day (13th June)...and you dont wanna miss it!

Had a long chat with the Top Management today and they're keen to have all you traders folks to join YOUTHOPIA one weekend only (Sat/Sun), instead of having the event on staggered days in a month. Since this whole one weekend is sort of like a trial - we are exploring to do it at 2 weekend in a month instead (2nd & last weekend of the month), in the near future.

Time and fee no change. You may leave some of your bulky items overnight in the mall for the next day trade.

Hope to see you soon!

Youthopian Team

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hey Hey!

We have done some surveys and was told that MOST student traders prefer to do a one off bazaar event instead of every weekend. That explains why a ONE OFF bazaar is sooo popular!

After some careful thought, since we started this for youth basically and would really want them to tap into other market (there were so many bazaars conducted within Selangor vicinities lately), eg : KL Town, we are revising the compulsory days to take part. From ALL 3 Saturdays to 2 Saturdays only. That is the 2nd and Last Saturday in a month. So any free days in between -you traders can take time off to rest, replenish stocks etc :-)

So both Saturdays would be RM160. What if you want to take ONE DAY only? The fee would still be RM100. No change, but we advise you take the 2 Saturdays and save RM40 :-)

We will be operating on the Ground Floor (Concourse Area), from 11am to 9.30pm. Traffic is not a problem as there ARE many people at the area! Transportation is everywhere too! Parking fee is at a flat rate and NOT hourly.

We are also extending this to everyone young at heart! Not just student traders folks!

So join us! This latest updated info should be good for everyone! :-)

Youthopian Team

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Yes peeps! To find an ATM is not a problem at our new location.

We've been there before! Imagine you only have RM100 in your purse, and the next thing you knew - you summed up the total of all the goodies that you see...and its over RM100! Worst still, there are no ATM around the area, zero! zilch! - and the item that you want to buy so badly...is the last piece!! How cruel fate is!....

We understand how difficult it is to shop without ATM around.

So fret no more! At our new location, you need not travel far to look for one. You dont have to drive around too! Its everywhere! The most common one, Maybank is right in front of the mall. Even the mall itself have 2 ATM machines located somewhere in a glass room near the link bridge to Sg Wang. Even Sg Wang have rows of ATMs in it LG floor! How convenient!!

So rest assured, your shopping experience is a pleasant one!

p/s: And to answer some of you who have asked about Mel (the deputy) - she's still around, helping out every now and then. Dont worry folks - shes very much a Youthopian at heart! :-)

See you!

Youthopian Team


Yo folks!

The poster is up now!! Nothing fancy but straight to the point!Hehehe....So go ahead..share it, link it, publish it on your web...

Let the journey begin!

We look forward to welcome you soon! Hurry, spots are taken up FAST!

Please contact us at youthopian@gmail.com if you have any questions at all (not stated in FAQ).

Youthopian Team

Friday, May 8, 2009


What do I get upon signing up?
You will get a table X 1 (3 X3) & chairs X 2. Extra table is available at a very small fee OR FREE if you bring your own. You can also opt for no table at all if you want to be creative and maximise your space. But fee will still be the same.

How do I sign up?
Please write to youthopian@gmail.com and we will send you an application form to complete.

What are the fees like? (Effective July 2009)
Since we're located at a PRIME area/location - the fee is charged at RM200 (per weekend, Sat & Sun) and RM130 (for one day only) respectively. We dont operate every weekend. Just on the last weekend of every month :-) - when most people gets their pay!. If the particular weekend falls on a public holiday - we might revise the dates because some of us maybe going outstation (we will announce). However, if the response is really good, we might organize it 2X a month, so we shall see & decide accordingly.

How does the participation works?
Since we operate on a month to month basis, you have to participate a full weekend in a month (we operate on last weekend of the month ONLY). While we do allow one day only participation, the fee however will be a little higher. See below timetable for info on trade dates:

8 & 9 August 2009

26 & 27 September 2009


Can I sign up every month?
Yup! We do not restrict your participation. If the venue brings loads of $$$ to your business, and your customers know where to find you to get the goodies. You might as well right?

How many traders do you expect to join every weekend?
We prefer a medium number of traders to maintain comfort, exclusivity and space. Number of traders varies every weekend. So are the types of items sold.
What type of products/services can I sell?
The unique it is, the better. We encourage MOST handmade items like accessories/tshirts/bags/etc, creative items like arts/quilts/etc, collectible items like poker cards, mugs, fridge magnets, etc.
While there are growing numbers of fashion related items sold online (clothes, shoes, bags, etc) we will be limiting those to ensure everyone has fair share of exposure and business.

Can I sign up for 1 day only?
Yes, however the fee will be different. It will be at RM130 a day. Well, truth is we would like to encourage you to take part 1 full weekend (cost saving) - as our objective is to ensure that you make full use of the weekend to do business. And for the obvious fact that we are right in the MIDDLE of an established location (not some new or upcoming areas/location), we feel that the fee is reasonable (the highest in the market is RM250 per day). This is also to be fair to those who has paid for 1 full weekend.

Are the fees refundable/Can I request for fee refund?
Nope. The fees are NON REFUNDABLE despite a show or no show from your end. We will only refund if we CANCEL the event.

Any power point?
Power is precious, hence they’re very limited. Please write to enquire, even if you don’t get it – what’s stopping you from doing business right? Unless your business requires electrical gadgets to produce a product, we will try to accommodate. Please bring own extension chord (long cable type).

Why LOT 10?
Everyone knows where Lot 10 is! Situated right in the middle of the city, flanked by renowned hotels, established malls like Sungei Wang/Pavillion – this place is full of youths, tourists as well as locals! Transportation is a breeze! Go get a cab, bus or monorail (to & fro lrt stations)! It is strategically located too! A guaranteed daily traffic is nothing new.

Yes, it will be on the Youth Zone area - opposite Lot 10 Hawkers food court (6th Floor). On weekdays it is a carpark area, by weekend or whenever they have an activity there, the management will cordon off the area accordingly. So no cars will come up endangering traders nor visitors. The management undertake the responsibility to ensure safety first. Its very airy and not stuffy!
What time do you operate?
From 12noon to 7.30pm. But you are required to be there TWO hours earlier (to avoid traffic jam & sudden gush of passersby) so you can take time to unpack and arrange your stuffs.

Can I REPLACE the dates in case I am not free?
Nope. Sorry. It’s hard to keep track of changes. Plus we don’t have enough admin people to follow up.

Can I choose tables/space?
We will allocate the space accordingly (depending on the number of items you are bringing + type of items) due to the mall's management advice :-) to ensure neatness and uniformity.

Can I sell services?
Yes, if you are a tarot reader or astrologer – please do join us. If you sell laptop skin label, stickers labels, nail spa, etc…..JOIN US!

Can I sell pre-loved or antique items?
Yup! we love good and usable pre-loved items, even antiques too!. Make sure it’s not smelly, tattered or unusable. Label and arrange it accordingly so people will know it’s a pre-loved item.

Can I sing? Perform? Hold a small art/photography exhibition?
Yup, let us know in advance. Contact us and we’ll arrange something. Please note that you are to perform on voluntarily basis – to showcase your talent, gain exposure & experience.

What else do I need to bring?
Yourself, your rack X 2 per trader (maximum 2 per trader, NO huge giant racks), mirror, small table is ok, table cloth (enough to cover 3X3 table legs), your products/services and most importantly your smile/charm.

Can I bring my children (if any)?
Yes AND only if you can manage them. But don’t turn your area to a makeshift place and build a tent for them.

Any changing room?
Sorry, we DO NOT provide changing room. While we do not encourage this without you following the customer and for hygiene reason (body odour, or customer's make up dirty your clothes), you may direct the customers to the nearest loo to try your clothes on. However, we are NOT liable or be held responsible for any items that are missing, dirtied or damaged from your end due to the try-ons.

Can I sell muffins/cakes/baked goodies/jellies?
Yup! Make them tasty and inviting enough for us to to buy (just kidding, but we will buy!)! However, no on the spot food preparation apparatus is allowed…very messy for you as well.

Anything else I should know of?
Yes, please DO NOT litter. Pick up your rubbish upon wrapping up and throw them at the nearest bin. If you are caught of littering or have left rubbish at your area, you will be fined RM100 and be banned from joining any of our event in future.

You are also required to set up TWO HOURS before the opening time (opening hour is at 12noon) and failure to do so will only make us RICH – you will be fined with RM100 for every hour you are late. If you are on an EMERGENCY please send someone to cover you or notify us at least BEFORE opening time.

How do I market my services?
While we do marketing & promotions on your behalf at our end, we expect you to do your due diligence prior to trade day (announce in your web, blogs etc), be approachable and friendly to customers and leave your fate to God. We can’t control customer’s needs and wants but YOU can provide them what you think they may need and want.

Please do not hesitate to drop us an email at youthopian@gmail.com if you have any other questions than those of the above.

Youthopia Team


As promised, we would like to share with you the criterias we are looking at from each potential traders. We are now looking at YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES to ensure it appeals to the passersby :-)

The rarer and unique it is, the BETTER! (Psst...tourists love collectibles stuffs...). So, read on!:

  • You sell trendy & fashionable items (for ladies or men), eg: belts, shoes, sandals, bags, wallets, purses, accessories, neck ties, cap, etc

  • You sell unique or limited edition collectibles or memorabilias (toy car, miniatures, poker cards, lighters, cap, sports jerseys, coca colas products, etc)

  • You sell 100% handmade and crafty stuffs

  • You sell crafty items made from recyclable items

  • You sell environmentally safe products (biodegradable products, mineral make up, etc)

  • You self designed your clothing or footwear line (tshirts, dresses, canvas shoes, etc) and want to see hows the market response towards your products

  • You sell good pre-loved items (ideal for hard core shopaholics who bought just too many items and dont know what to do with them)

  • You are an aspiring artist (caricaturist/portrait artist, painter)

  • You sell cheaper and yummier baked goods that rival any bakeries out there (cupcakes, cheesecakes, muffins, etc)

  • You want to showcase your talent and gain exposure + experience (we provide you a cool stage + fab sound system) and you bring in your band & instruments.

So, do make sure that you are within the above criterias before sending in your application ya!

See you soon!

Youthopian Team

Thursday, May 7, 2009






Your Choice!

And to join it - ITS SUPER EASY!

For more details you must visit YOUR SHOPPING KAKI website (Click on the link) and the website will explain further on how to take part!

Okay, perhaps you may not be able to get the password from the traders now since we only operate on the 1st and last weekend of the month right? SO, we are giving you a CHANCE to email to US instead (OR YOUR SHOPPING KAKI) and ASK FOR THE PASSWORD!!!

Email to youthopia@gmail.com and we will tell you the password instead!!

SO DELAY NO MORE! We only have 3 FREE ONE DAY FREE SPOTS to give away come 13 & 14 June 2009 (You can choose to take part either one of the days). So get a FREE spot, make some sales and go home happily!

But, IF YOU ARE A customer, we have 3 WINNERS for COLD HARD CA$H of RM50 to give away so you can shop during the launch day! How cool is that? Its not like everyday you win CASH peeps!!!

We will have more cool contests coming your way soon. In the meantime, ponder NO MORE!

Head on to YOUR SHOPPING KAKI and join the contest!!!

Contest ends 3 June 2009! HURRY!!!


Youthopia Team

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We were formerly known as CHICS CLOSET. To those who knew us and have been supporting us since we first started - we can never thank you enough! And because of you - we chose to rebrand ourselves.

In our mission to grow YOUTHOPIA, we feel that it is time for us to rebrand ourselves appropriately to capture and represent the objective and target market accordingly.

In the past, mention Chics Closet, we were often mistaken for 'just another online boutique shop', it is true that the original purpose behind the creation of Chics Closet was for us to sell off our preloved items (hence the word 'Closet') and when we ventured into events - we thought 'let's just use Chics Closet' as we were too busy to create a new name. To further explain our mission, we added 'A closetful of Surprises' as our tagline :-)

YES, we often suprised ourselves too! Never have we thought of doing events and this long! We gave ourselves one event to do and thats it! In the end, we decided to give it a try and see how far it could lead us to. Along the way, we learnt to improve ourselves - made new friends and generally, we learnt a great deal when it comes to business and human nature/behaviour. Chics Closet started as a spinoff from our plus size online boutique, CurvyChics. And now, to standardise our mission - a new brand is born - YOUTHOPIA. Let us all welcome YOUTHOPIA and nurture it folks :-)

Youthopia Team