Saturday, May 9, 2009


Yes peeps! To find an ATM is not a problem at our new location.

We've been there before! Imagine you only have RM100 in your purse, and the next thing you knew - you summed up the total of all the goodies that you see...and its over RM100! Worst still, there are no ATM around the area, zero! zilch! - and the item that you want to buy so the last piece!! How cruel fate is!....

We understand how difficult it is to shop without ATM around.

So fret no more! At our new location, you need not travel far to look for one. You dont have to drive around too! Its everywhere! The most common one, Maybank is right in front of the mall. Even the mall itself have 2 ATM machines located somewhere in a glass room near the link bridge to Sg Wang. Even Sg Wang have rows of ATMs in it LG floor! How convenient!!

So rest assured, your shopping experience is a pleasant one!

p/s: And to answer some of you who have asked about Mel (the deputy) - she's still around, helping out every now and then. Dont worry folks - shes very much a Youthopian at heart! :-)

See you!

Youthopian Team

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  1. Wow people are asking about me?
    Hehe yes - I'm still around.
    I'm Angeline's loyal shadow.


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