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What do I get upon signing up?
You will get a table X 1 (3 X3) & chairs X 2. Extra table is available at a very small fee OR FREE if you bring your own. You can also opt for no table at all if you want to be creative and maximise your space. But fee will still be the same.

How do I sign up?
Please write to and we will send you an application form to complete.

What are the fees like? (Effective July 2009)
Since we're located at a PRIME area/location - the fee is charged at RM200 (per weekend, Sat & Sun) and RM130 (for one day only) respectively. We dont operate every weekend. Just on the last weekend of every month :-) - when most people gets their pay!. If the particular weekend falls on a public holiday - we might revise the dates because some of us maybe going outstation (we will announce). However, if the response is really good, we might organize it 2X a month, so we shall see & decide accordingly.

How does the participation works?
Since we operate on a month to month basis, you have to participate a full weekend in a month (we operate on last weekend of the month ONLY). While we do allow one day only participation, the fee however will be a little higher. See below timetable for info on trade dates:

8 & 9 August 2009

26 & 27 September 2009


Can I sign up every month?
Yup! We do not restrict your participation. If the venue brings loads of $$$ to your business, and your customers know where to find you to get the goodies. You might as well right?

How many traders do you expect to join every weekend?
We prefer a medium number of traders to maintain comfort, exclusivity and space. Number of traders varies every weekend. So are the types of items sold.
What type of products/services can I sell?
The unique it is, the better. We encourage MOST handmade items like accessories/tshirts/bags/etc, creative items like arts/quilts/etc, collectible items like poker cards, mugs, fridge magnets, etc.
While there are growing numbers of fashion related items sold online (clothes, shoes, bags, etc) we will be limiting those to ensure everyone has fair share of exposure and business.

Can I sign up for 1 day only?
Yes, however the fee will be different. It will be at RM130 a day. Well, truth is we would like to encourage you to take part 1 full weekend (cost saving) - as our objective is to ensure that you make full use of the weekend to do business. And for the obvious fact that we are right in the MIDDLE of an established location (not some new or upcoming areas/location), we feel that the fee is reasonable (the highest in the market is RM250 per day). This is also to be fair to those who has paid for 1 full weekend.

Are the fees refundable/Can I request for fee refund?
Nope. The fees are NON REFUNDABLE despite a show or no show from your end. We will only refund if we CANCEL the event.

Any power point?
Power is precious, hence they’re very limited. Please write to enquire, even if you don’t get it – what’s stopping you from doing business right? Unless your business requires electrical gadgets to produce a product, we will try to accommodate. Please bring own extension chord (long cable type).

Why LOT 10?
Everyone knows where Lot 10 is! Situated right in the middle of the city, flanked by renowned hotels, established malls like Sungei Wang/Pavillion – this place is full of youths, tourists as well as locals! Transportation is a breeze! Go get a cab, bus or monorail (to & fro lrt stations)! It is strategically located too! A guaranteed daily traffic is nothing new.

Yes, it will be on the Youth Zone area - opposite Lot 10 Hawkers food court (6th Floor). On weekdays it is a carpark area, by weekend or whenever they have an activity there, the management will cordon off the area accordingly. So no cars will come up endangering traders nor visitors. The management undertake the responsibility to ensure safety first. Its very airy and not stuffy!
What time do you operate?
From 12noon to 7.30pm. But you are required to be there TWO hours earlier (to avoid traffic jam & sudden gush of passersby) so you can take time to unpack and arrange your stuffs.

Can I REPLACE the dates in case I am not free?
Nope. Sorry. It’s hard to keep track of changes. Plus we don’t have enough admin people to follow up.

Can I choose tables/space?
We will allocate the space accordingly (depending on the number of items you are bringing + type of items) due to the mall's management advice :-) to ensure neatness and uniformity.

Can I sell services?
Yes, if you are a tarot reader or astrologer – please do join us. If you sell laptop skin label, stickers labels, nail spa, etc…..JOIN US!

Can I sell pre-loved or antique items?
Yup! we love good and usable pre-loved items, even antiques too!. Make sure it’s not smelly, tattered or unusable. Label and arrange it accordingly so people will know it’s a pre-loved item.

Can I sing? Perform? Hold a small art/photography exhibition?
Yup, let us know in advance. Contact us and we’ll arrange something. Please note that you are to perform on voluntarily basis – to showcase your talent, gain exposure & experience.

What else do I need to bring?
Yourself, your rack X 2 per trader (maximum 2 per trader, NO huge giant racks), mirror, small table is ok, table cloth (enough to cover 3X3 table legs), your products/services and most importantly your smile/charm.

Can I bring my children (if any)?
Yes AND only if you can manage them. But don’t turn your area to a makeshift place and build a tent for them.

Any changing room?
Sorry, we DO NOT provide changing room. While we do not encourage this without you following the customer and for hygiene reason (body odour, or customer's make up dirty your clothes), you may direct the customers to the nearest loo to try your clothes on. However, we are NOT liable or be held responsible for any items that are missing, dirtied or damaged from your end due to the try-ons.

Can I sell muffins/cakes/baked goodies/jellies?
Yup! Make them tasty and inviting enough for us to to buy (just kidding, but we will buy!)! However, no on the spot food preparation apparatus is allowed…very messy for you as well.

Anything else I should know of?
Yes, please DO NOT litter. Pick up your rubbish upon wrapping up and throw them at the nearest bin. If you are caught of littering or have left rubbish at your area, you will be fined RM100 and be banned from joining any of our event in future.

You are also required to set up TWO HOURS before the opening time (opening hour is at 12noon) and failure to do so will only make us RICH – you will be fined with RM100 for every hour you are late. If you are on an EMERGENCY please send someone to cover you or notify us at least BEFORE opening time.

How do I market my services?
While we do marketing & promotions on your behalf at our end, we expect you to do your due diligence prior to trade day (announce in your web, blogs etc), be approachable and friendly to customers and leave your fate to God. We can’t control customer’s needs and wants but YOU can provide them what you think they may need and want.

Please do not hesitate to drop us an email at if you have any other questions than those of the above.

Youthopia Team

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