Friday, May 8, 2009


As promised, we would like to share with you the criterias we are looking at from each potential traders. We are now looking at YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES to ensure it appeals to the passersby :-)

The rarer and unique it is, the BETTER! (Psst...tourists love collectibles stuffs...). So, read on!:

  • You sell trendy & fashionable items (for ladies or men), eg: belts, shoes, sandals, bags, wallets, purses, accessories, neck ties, cap, etc

  • You sell unique or limited edition collectibles or memorabilias (toy car, miniatures, poker cards, lighters, cap, sports jerseys, coca colas products, etc)

  • You sell 100% handmade and crafty stuffs

  • You sell crafty items made from recyclable items

  • You sell environmentally safe products (biodegradable products, mineral make up, etc)

  • You self designed your clothing or footwear line (tshirts, dresses, canvas shoes, etc) and want to see hows the market response towards your products

  • You sell good pre-loved items (ideal for hard core shopaholics who bought just too many items and dont know what to do with them)

  • You are an aspiring artist (caricaturist/portrait artist, painter)

  • You sell cheaper and yummier baked goods that rival any bakeries out there (cupcakes, cheesecakes, muffins, etc)

  • You want to showcase your talent and gain exposure + experience (we provide you a cool stage + fab sound system) and you bring in your band & instruments.

So, do make sure that you are within the above criterias before sending in your application ya!

See you soon!

Youthopian Team

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