Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hey Hey!

We have done some surveys and was told that MOST student traders prefer to do a one off bazaar event instead of every weekend. That explains why a ONE OFF bazaar is sooo popular!

After some careful thought, since we started this for youth basically and would really want them to tap into other market (there were so many bazaars conducted within Selangor vicinities lately), eg : KL Town, we are revising the compulsory days to take part. From ALL 3 Saturdays to 2 Saturdays only. That is the 2nd and Last Saturday in a month. So any free days in between -you traders can take time off to rest, replenish stocks etc :-)

So both Saturdays would be RM160. What if you want to take ONE DAY only? The fee would still be RM100. No change, but we advise you take the 2 Saturdays and save RM40 :-)

We will be operating on the Ground Floor (Concourse Area), from 11am to 9.30pm. Traffic is not a problem as there ARE many people at the area! Transportation is everywhere too! Parking fee is at a flat rate and NOT hourly.

We are also extending this to everyone young at heart! Not just student traders folks!

So join us! This latest updated info should be good for everyone! :-)

Youthopian Team

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