Saturday, May 16, 2009


Remember when we shared with you not too long ago that we welcome team effort, collaboration? If its with the right party, persons, team - that shared the same vision and objective as we do, why not? The sea is too wide for all of us to fish alone - we might as well come together on a big boat and fish together!...And if you have already recently received email invitation from Ablinc, The Chic Bootique..they're just part of the entourage. But anywho, if you are EVER in doubt of who else is collaborating with us - write to us! We'll clear the confusion for you :-)
So folks, whether the invitation is from Group X or Y, ultimately we will still meet at the same location. Same terms & conditions apply.

But if you have any doubt or queries that is not answerable by the said parties - do send us an email.

Youthopian Team

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