Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We have something to share with you folks :-)

Perhaps you have received an email invitation or announcement from different parties with regards to our bazaar. They are called the 'co-organizer'. We may have one or two recently. But if you are in doubt - please DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US at for any infromation or clarification that you need.

We welcome ALL your inquiries in order to avoid any unforseen miscommunication that may arise. When its YOUTHOPIA that we organize, we have a major role here. So far, we have worked with a few co-organizers (you know who you are) and we're blessed that so far, we have good relationship and business ethics with one another. When we welcome the new ones - its always with a benefit of the doubt.

Not too long ago, we DID mention that we welcome collaboration with anyone who wants to learn the trade of the business or simply wanting to expand their horizons. We still do. We believe that the sea is so wide for everyone to explore. We are never selfish with knowledge, and those who knew us - we have shared many feedback + advise on what to do when they first started :-)

Truth is, we cant always read people's real objective or motives. In view if that, we always think that people deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt. While we would like to believe that they are honest and all - who knows. There are people who makes mistakes and never learn from it. They are people who takes others for granted. They are people who dont appreciate every opportunity for them to do good. There are indeed - many many types of people. Can we easily tell them apart from the many people that we meet everyday?

We could listen to others and follow the herd. Or stay on the fence and observe, and then judge. Hence we chose the latter. Are we nuts? Maybe...HAHAHA...

We are simple people really. Those who knows us well, knew how easily we chatted with everyone. We believe in karma of anything bad that you do unto others - it will go back to you. We may be angry and pissed when people took us for granted - and yes,we talked about it. But really, we still believe the power of higher 'up' there to guide us and make it easy for us in our journey everyday. The powerful source up there will decide our path and those we are in contact with everyday.

We do fear of the unknown, the many what-ifs in our mind, to trust or not to trust...but in the end, business is like that. We learn from it all, good and bad. Some may like us, some may not. Some may think we are great, some may think we suck. At the end of the day - we're human. Its human nature to compare, to criticise, to condemn, to praise, to admire, to inspire, etc. Its easier to judge when one dont know the truth :-)

One thing for sure, we never give up to find that UTOPIA - the ultimate place to be. Hence the name YOUTHOPIA. Its part of our mission to find that perfect place where all of us could settle.

So here we are - sharing with you our philosophy:

We believe that team work is necessary to make things work.
We believe that people can improve if they want.
We believe that nobody is perfect and flaws is part of human.
We believe that things happened for a reason.
We believe that experience is a great teacher.
We believe that in business you will always make losses before you make REAL profit.
We believe that honesty is the best policy - even if it makes you less popular.
We believe that while you make many friends along the way, you have hidden enemies as well
We believe that animals are much more genuine than human themselves (okay, this one pops up because we love animals A LOT okay..)

And why are we sharing you these?
Simply because we value each and every one of you. All of you are unique in your own ways.
But one thing for sure, you are reading this because we want you to know, "when the mind and heart is pure, even if others try to break you - you will stood there like a rock. Because you believe in yourself and what you can do. Never give up, until the very last is all about the above philosophy, even if others laugh at you - not to worry. Because someday that laughter will pass on like bunch of whispers..."
Hehehe....we're so Shakespearean now...
Youthopian Team


  1. Hye Youthopia Team,great one you have up there! I support all the way ;) Youthopia Rock!!

  2. Hi hun! :)
    I think you can announce here who your co-organisers are for each event. Since this is your main site for Youthopia.

    Sha-Lene :)

  3. Oh yes, we did...few posts after this one. Ablinc joins us for this round, in the past we have a few. What matters is that we give everyone a chance :-)


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