Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yes, we have seen it all. The complaints, the feedbacks, even bad words thrown at us (spammed chat box) and everything in between.

No, we are not seeking any sympathy at all - we dont have anything to hide either, we are transparent through and through. For those who knew us, we are more than ready to share on why it happens.

If we were truly that bad - some of you wouldnt have joined us. We wouldnt resorted to refunding people's fees when something like this happens. We might as well run away and hide! For what? That's just not who we are. We have done our due diligence, we informed all via email and text messages. It was done at the very last hour, for we received the news very very late too. Imagined looking forward to the event and being at the supplier's getting ready with canopy and fixtures, only to be told (via text message) that the management have decided to postpone the event (or cancelled - no difference!) to a much later date? Imagined waiting for the venue provider representative in the middle of the night who promised to come but did not show up at all. All this happened the night before.

For those who didnt not received text message from us, that is because we do not have your number with us. Perhaps you did not register directly under Youthopia but with our co-organizer.

We reasoned things out with the provider only to be told that their decision is final. We are not only greatly affected for all the promotional materials we printed and goodies to be distributed - we even had ALL of you in mind when all these negotiations took place!

Of course we knew you are all prepared, baked your goodies, stocked up, etc! We were traders before, of course we will feel upset, cheated, conned etc. Because of this, we had no choice but to bring this matter up to the higher management of the mall for the impact is truly unbelievable!. We have never ever sent a nasty email before - but we did. If its any consolation - the matter is currently under their attention. We shall see what comes out of it. If need be, we might bring it to the press.

To those who think we suck, please do yourselves and ourselves a favour - dont join us - ever. Serious. We do not want to take your money either. We do not want to mislead you with empty promises that you will make big bucks or your stall will be swarmed with people who is dying to get your stuff when you join us. Dont do that. We do not want you to spam our chatbox later and accused us this & that. Dont waste your time. We will refund you (if you are one of the traders for 20/21 June) and please go.

Its human nature to blame the organizers when things gone wrong - not everyone knows things that happened behind closed doors to ensure that the bazaars that you all join - happens! The lucky ones will managed to pull through - but its not bed of roses for them either.

Its not our habit to point fingers at coorganizers, etc - in fact, fact is a fact - why hide the facts when its the truth? The truth is only known to us and the people that we have dealt with - of course you wouldnt know because you were not part of the negos right?

Unfortunately, we can't tell what others have in mind. Those who thought that we should have foreseen all these from happening (we should have third eye) or should defy all rules and regulations when dealing with venue providers, perhaps you were right. We should have run miles and miles aways when we 'smell' it. But being an opportunist, we always give others the benefit of the doubt. That is probably our biggest mistake.

We're beginning to think we were probably jinxed. Perhaps we are too nice to be taken for granted.

Like a true opportunists, we will not give up just because this happened. We are not perfect either. We never said we are.

For those who believed in us - who knew us, who stood by us, thank you for the support. For those who dont, and hated us for whatever reasons known to you - its okay too. No two humans are alike and we cant control what you want to say or do.

Thank you again for all the feedback and God Bless your kind souls!

Youthopian Team


  1. hey love...

    I feel so sorry about this shocking news...

    truly understand your situation...

    dun give up and looking forward to your upcoming events...

    i'm with you.. GO YOUTHOPIA ! GO !

    best regards,

    pennie from homa station :D

  2. hey babe! Guess what? me and my friends hv been planning to go to ur bazaar a week b4 and we were really devastated and upset but hey, we totally understand!! Dont worry.. :) we end up going elsewhere ..hahah..

  3. Thanks to both Pennie and Fashion Lady for the word of encouragement! We're totally devastated too for we are just a 'small fry'. But then again, when one door closes, another one will open..:-)


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