Thursday, August 6, 2009


You must be wondering WHO will be there this weekend?

Here's a quick sneak peek of those who will be with US!

+ Glamourously Fit

+ Mischief Inc

+ Emery Ameries

+ Eleven 06

+ Blatant

+ The Survival Store

+ Ablinc

+ D Looking Glass

+ Trio Trunks

+ BellyNBottoms

+ Cuppielicious

+ Little Bug

+ Soul Chics

+ My Favouritees

+ Soak Republic

AND these are just some of them, who else in the list?? Come and check it out!

Do CHECK THEM ALL OUT! Cool stuffs on sale, pre-loved items, new and trendy! Even handmades!

See you!!


  1. hey i read about this the other day and i went to check it out...most of the traders had intresting items...but the location was hot and stuffy like a sauna! really put me off :( but i checked it out anyway ^_^

    however, what turned me off was that the prices of some of the items was like really high for a baazar! rm200 for a counterfeit Channel bag made me felt like going to lowyat and get a cheaper one from the baazar over there. otherwise, i would be like okay with it

    ..also some of the sellers looked gloomy and i was practically invisible to them! their goods look great but the seller's face killed my yah i didint buy anything at the end...

    but it was a very interesting baazar neverthenless

  2. Some of the prices there was like oh my high..i ran fast fast leh when i saw :(

    but yah hor how come lot 10 so pariah wan geh...make baazar at car park there..if i was the organizer i will NEVA again make it at lot 10

  3. Hi Youthopias,

    You should not do another bazaar with Lot 10. They already conned you guys ONCE, why let them do it again to you???? Tongue In Chic also cancelled them out last minute!! Dont be too nice laaa....tis ppl walk all over you all!!! In the end, traders who dont understand marah you all for nothing...haizzz..

    Today they approached some of us asking feedback, we were taken aback and simply say...of coz we know the truth la.

    Please..we know you all work hard, just dont do with LOT 10 again. Period.

    - MM -

  4. Angeline, nice to meet you at last ! Though Sunday is kinda..... but all of us whom is there to carry on the show is like a small strong family. Don't you agree ? If Lot 10 can just be a bit more LENIENT and let us have one of their vacant floor near the "railings" area and that will already makes us all very HAPPY and customers also can shop at ease ! Hope Lot 10 management will wake up one of this day. Or else, I don't think they can revive Lot 10 to the bustling mall which they once used to be.

  5. Hullo..

    I am a shopper, I went to buy few items from some of the stalls opened on Sat. Sum stalls sold cheaper stuff and sum vendors are friendly too, some sell SOOOOO expensive and some not friendly when we go to their stall. I saw 1 stall of mother and daughter..coco something..the stuff expensive! Mother seemed pushy...daughter seemed to let the mother do the talking..erhmmm...

    I just tik that Lot10 shd not have a bazaar there. Awful stuffy man!! If they want to help u guys, should not propose that area ler...its terrible enuff to hv food court at level 6 some more a bazaar? I was surprise to see car coming in & out too!! WTH...

    I tik Lot10 is like half hearted like that...if put traders in the mall juz for 2 days wud be better for shoppers like me! Even kwai los also said its stuffy la...

    ~ Jeanne Lee ~

  6. Heyz..I must comment.

    Lot 10 Food court menu sux! The area they put all vendors sux! Lot 10 mus be having fun bully small time organizer, and underestimate vendors reaction..maybe coz they tik its easy to kau tim youngsters?? Ha!Ha!

    I suggest Lot 10 stick to their high class events lah...u all not suited or prepared to handle small time event like this. U want to revive the mall? All I see stuff there still expensive! young people cant afford! I see many tenants move out also...

    To other organizers..dont do at Lot 10. Dont repeat same mistake like Youthopia and Tongue in Chic. That place sux! Only for yuppiezz...



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