Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yo Folks!

Just wanna share some promo links on our upcoming event, THIS WEEKEND! 8 & 9 August 2009!

We are SUPER excited! (This is one of our vendor and he sells COOOL Tshirts!! - Check out!! hehehe)

We have also shared this shout out to blog reviewers...and most importantly, do check out our big posters in the mall at the concourse level + entrances (design is courtesy of Lot 10 Management), Youthopian Team will also be distributing postcards to passersby/tourists, not to mention leaving some behind at Starhill Gallery + hotels (under YTL within Lot 10 area).

We're doing things this round slightly different than before.

So peeps, come check out Youthopia The Marketplace this weekend! If the traffic jam is bad, please take public transport :-) Its really easy to spot Lot 10 - Its the green building right in the middle of KL Town! You cant miss it.

Dont forget to go for the lucky draw and support our cause (donate to Furry Friends Farm)!

Pssst...please note that Justin Timberlake, Nicky Hilton + some other interesting stores will open its doors soon before end of the year, Lot 10 will never be the same again :-)

See y'all!!

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