Monday, July 13, 2009


Remember in June when we announced that the event @ Lot 10 was cancelled and boy! We have been bombarded with spams and unhappy comments? No matter what we replied, we are still the bad organizer :-( It was NEVER OUR intention to cancel anything last minute and that was the huge blow to everything that we ever worked for!

Until recently another comrade just like us (another renown organizer) who was supposed to have their event held in July at the same venue - was cancelled too due to restrictions by the venue provider. Our hearts sincerely goes out to them - we perfectly understand the reason why.

So this situation speaks for itself. It was clearly proven that the fault wasnt ours. We (the organizers) were merely doing everything in our capacity, within our limitation - but sometimes things just didnt happen, and happens for a reason.

In view of what had happened to us in June, we fought relentlessly for weeks to save our reputation that was ruined because of one person that had since 'left' the company for good. We fought for reasonable compensation after what had happened to all our traders. Meetings after meetings, and talks after talks, messages after messages, emails after emails - we've finally reached a conclusion.

And the conclusion is..............

Stay tune for unexpected news on this website. We will share with you folks within this week.

Our only hope is that you are still with us after all that we have fought for :-)

Youthopian Team
p/s: Please note this piece of news will ALSO determine our next destination on 8 & 9 August 2009.

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