Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Simple word, but meaningful :-)

Remember about the Lot 10 incident not too long ago?

Wise men say, "LET BYGONES BE BYGONES.." and since we are human - bound to make errors and all, we believe in giving others a chance to prove themselves (even God want us to forgive and give chance..). After countless meet ups, chats and follow up, we are giving the management's a chance & offer to organize YOUTHOPIA event once again. This time will be at a designated place, indoor (no more canopies!).

For contigency plan, we have also planned to do one at Times Square in August, however, after checking out the venue and gathering feedbacks from some of you, most agreed that Lot 10 location is still the best. So we will go with the majority folks!

As prove to the Lot 10 Management's offer, we will post the letter of invitation by this week on this website. So watch out for it. The letter serves as confirmation of the DATE and will no longer be postponed!

We will be inviting the affected traders soon with separate offer :-)

For those newbies who wants to join us, we are opening up the invitation now :-) We will put up the details on how to join soon :-)

While we are writing this, the newly identified venue (6th floor) will be decorated with wall graffities (drawn by renowned artists) to reflect the spirit of youths. There will also be other decors being discussed subjected to the management's artists impression. The management will also be visiting on that day and provide their support! There will be announcements made to ALL YTL members/customers/staffs to visit us on that day. There will be buntings to be place on major entrances and flyers distributed on event day too.

There is also a special OFFER to all YOUTHOPIA traders, all food bought from the food court opposite the venue (there are 180 dishes of various prices to choose from), will be charged at flat rate of RM5 only with FREE 1 soft drink or mineral water. So tips for you traders, pick the most expensive one ya! Hahaha...but before you do just that, you gotta get a coupon from us :-)

So sign up with us folks!, this will be an event to remember. There will be performances and lucky draws as well. This mark the ultimate come back of Youthopia.

Looking forward to meet everyone and lets have a wonderful time shall we?

For those who wants to join us in this event, please email to us at youthopian@gmail.com

Youthopian Team

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