Saturday, June 27, 2009


Dear Readers,

Thank you for all the articles written about us after the major let down @ Lot 10. Something good will come up soon. Lets wait and see. However, we cant help but to feel thankful to these folks who have taken time to write long articles about us. We dont hate them at all. Serious!

We feel sorry that some have thought that we 'let' some of them down, and its not their fault to feel very upset (we're upset too). Especially when some of them joined us for the very first time.

This incident has given us an inspiration. Hence, we already have some plan rolled up in our sleeves, we will execute them one by one :-)

We dont believe in flyers to promote our events as most people would toss them into bins (been there, done that), we are thinking of a better one, and currently working on it.

And speaking of ethics and although its subjective, we gain nothing by being unethical. Do not be swayed by some 'reality' TV series which was meant to purely entertain you :-) We always shared the truth and though truth is not always welcomed, its better than keeping it hidden from you.

Thanks again for the inspiration. Your articles gives us ideas :-)

-Youthopian Team -

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