Friday, June 26, 2009


Join us in August if you have cool branded preloved stuff.

Stuffs that you bought but hardly worn or never worn at all, stuffs that was given to you during Christmas or birthday but you dont really fancy - MOST IMPORTANTLY they must be in TOTALLY good in condition, no smell, not tattered nor torn.

It can be shoes, bags, purses, clothes, collectibles, accesories, albums, anything...even your grandma's antique watch that your aunt do not want :-)

This is not a place for total junks folks - we are talking about cool useable and valuable junks :-)

Do write to us and let us know what you have, gotta be selective to ensure buying power is spreaded accordingly :-)

So go check out your wardrobe and room now, and make $$$ out of it!

Youthopian Team

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